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ATSI (Arvand Translation Scholars Institute) is a Professional Language Translation Institute that offers top quality language translations at competitive rates with timely delivery . Our office was established before since 2014 with license No 100 , in Arvand Free Zone- Iran.

ATSI is an International Standards Quality Certified Institute, demonstrating high quality management services and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are one of the largest translation service providers in Iran. Our integrated combination of own expert language translators, editors and proofreaders is what sets us apart. We have translated millions of words to date, providing services for multinational corporations and international organizations to small enterprises and more,

ATSI has the team and infrastructure to provide top value translation and the capability to take on an extensive range of translation.

License No.100 – Arvand Free Zone, Islamic Republic of Iran

National ID: 14006584479- Legal Personality

Registered Trademark No. 338539

Holder of the International Classification and Services as follows:

Editing Texts, Translations & Researchs, Advertisements, Distribution, and Computer Database Collection 

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